Wine chillers – when you’re serious about wines

The popularity of wine drinking is on the rise and if you find yourself being drawn to more than just casual drinking at a bar, you will come to see that buying and storing wine is a pleasure itself.

Wine should be kept at the correct temperature to ensure the flavor remains and the best way to store your precious investments is with a proper wine chiller.

The major benefits that differentiate between a wine chiller and refrigerator are the storage temperature and odor. The best temperature to serve a bottle of wine is between 6°C to 18°C. A refrigerator operates at around 2°C – 5°C which makes it too cold to store and to serve the wine. Plus the refrigerator is constantly being opened and closed making it hard to maintain an even temperature. Besides temperature, a refrigerator is often used to store food and other cooking materials which omit odors that mightseep through the cork and affect the flavor of the wine over time.

A wine chiller provides an optimum environment to store the wine by preventing extreme temperature fluctuation. Some wine chillers are built with anti UV glass door that prevents harmful UV rays from damaging the wine inside.

Wine chillers are designed to keep the bottles lying at their sides. This is to allow the sediments to settle and preserve the wine and to keep the cork moist. If the cork gets too dried it will shrink and allow air to go in, thus spoiling the flavor of the wine.

Depending on your need, you can choose between single or dual zone wine chillers. Dual zone wine chillers allow users to set a different temperature for each of the zones. This is perfect if you have both red and white wine because they are best served at a different temperature. A single zone wine chiller only allows for one temperature setting.