86series Volcano Wok Glass Hob 3 burner


The VOLCANO WOK Burner 86series is our flagship model in our gas-on-glass hob range. Besides offering an exceptional high thermal efficiency of 64% which will reduce gas consumption in long run, it also comes with the exclusive SAFETY-NET tempered glass and the installation-friendly FLEXI-FIT structure.

  • 2 Large VOLCANO WOK burners with 5.5kW of flame output each.
  • 1 center burner with 2.0kW of flame output
  • Cast iron support for Wok and Pan.
  • Gas typology: LPG
  • Built in flame failure safety device and battery ignition.


  • 8mm SAFETY-NET glass top that withstands up to 850°c
  • High quality and high efficiency brass burner
  • FLEXI-FIT design that fits into various cut out holes

Product Dimension:

  • Product Dimension: 860mm(W) x 70mm(H) x 500mm(D)
  • Cut-out dimension (Adjustable): 670-825mm(W) x 370-435mm(D)

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