Product Name: Smoothie Maker

At first glance, the Lebensstil Kollektion Smoothie Maker may appear to be nothing more than a jazzed up version of the standard kitchen blender. It is not. It is specifically designed to make processing frozen drinks a snap. The pitcher has a more angular shape to draw the fruits down into the blades, the blades are strong enough to crush ice without breaking and there is a handy tap at the base of the pitcher for spill-free drink dispensing.

Also, it comes with a stirring stick that fits snugly into the lid to aid in the even distribution of ingredients.

Healthy, fun and fruity beverages, anyone?

■ 600W
■ 1.7L capacity glass jug
■ Spout to dispense smoothie
■ Stainless steel body
■ Convenient stirrer stick
■ Low-high with pulse switch
■ Detachable knife with serrated blades (Titanium)
■ Ice-crushing ability, safety lock, lighting indicator